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Throttle Friction Grips for RotorWays


Blade reflex angle gauge...$400


  • Helicycle Rotorblades - root ends have doublers bonded, ready to go to factory for mill work ....$4,200
  • Various RotorWay new/used components



Helicopters For SaleContact Homer at bellairhomer@gmail.com for further information on items seen below.


All Reasonable Offers Considered.  Rotorway Scorpion II, in process of Mazda Conversion.  Includes trailer.

2006 Exec kit, hover tested by Homer.  No radios.  $40,000, Call Homer.  REDUCED - OWNER WILL ENTERTAIN ALL REASONABLE OFFERS!!!

Complete Helicycle kit (2-25), still in the crates, $50,000.

2004 Exec 162F S/N 6570 250 Hours TT

No damage history. Includes doors, dolly wheels, KY97A Com, KT76A encoding Transponder, Intercom. New secondary shaft put in at 150 hours and a elastomeric tensioner installed at that time (Andrew Burr tensioner).  Installed new tail rotor belts and Talon gear at 150 hour. Spurling EZ start clutch & cog secondary. Talon leather seats. Headset hangers. Storage compartment on passenger floor. Odyssey PC 680 Battery. Nav lights. Landing light.

$47,500, Call Homer.

Rotorway 162F. Airworthy Certificate in late 2007. Frame powder coated white, struts ionized.  Gray Suede interior with factory gauges plus bearing temperature and communication radio. New factory drive belt system upgraded Chopco tail and oil overflow and easy oil cap. Friction control on throttle. Less than fifty hours on it.

Owner would like to find a partner for around $25,000 to go 50/50 with. or sell at $57,800.

  Jet X with fresh condition inspection. Recently test flown by Homer.  Radio iCom200, KT78 transponder mode-c David Clark intercom, Talon landing gear, Russ Gerrish doghouse, Recent elastomeric bearings, LED lights, HEATED CABIN! Located southern Cal.  $60,000 or make reasonable offer, Call Homer.  OWNER SAYS SELL...REDUCED TO $52,000 !!

Very nice helicopter.  Engine being rebuilt at Rotorway.  Serial Number 6775, Completed December 2004, ACIS, 170 Hours TT, 7 hours STOH (Rotorway water jacket upgrade), Lighting package including Landing & Taxi Lights, Vertical Card Compass, RMI Micro Encoder – Multi-function instrument + Mode C, King SkyMap IIIC GPS, MGL Fuel Computer tied into GPS, King KY97A Comm, King KT76A Transponder, PS Engineering Intercom, Ameri-King AK-450 Remote ELT, Infinity Stick Grip (PTT, Radio frequency cycle, standby-to-air switch, IDENT switch, Landing Lights, Starter), Davtron M800 Chronometer, Throttle Dampener, Accessory Power Port, Behuchnak Cog Belt Drive with oil-driven tensioner, Main Belt Backside Idler, Luggage Pod, Towing Dolly, Custom Fuselage/Blade Covers, 2-Tone Chromillusion Trim Paint, Extra set of Ground Handling Wheels, Extra Fuel/Oil Filters

Price $60,000.  Call Homer.  DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION!!!  PRICED TO SELL.

MOSQUITO....51 hr. Factory Built and all maintained current annual. Comes with floats 25gal hand pump fuel tank. Has all MGL avionics military cyclic grip. Storage compartment add on. Has sprayed liner in gas tank for auto gas. Burns 4.5 gal/hr top speed around 100 mph. Comes with helmet with built in headset and sun visor.

$39,000 Call Homer.

HELICYCLE Run number 5, built around 2006. Located in New Zealand. 90 hr tt., Microair 760 radio, wired for transponder and has basic avionics.  $55,000 USD, Call Homer.

New Owner MUST SELL...ROTORWAY EXEC 162F 150HP Super Charged, Fresh Annual, Dual FADEC, ACIS Altitude Compensating Injection System,Cog Belt Drive, VFR Factory instruments. Narco Transponder, Icom Transceiver, FADEC, FlightComm Intercom, Custom Secondary Oil Cooler, Throttle & Collective friction, split tub for easy inspection, new tail rotor belts, new spare set of Elastomeric Bearings ($1,000), numerous spare parts, long skid mod, 2000 degree wrapped and coated headers, Covers include Front cabin, Main Rotor Hub, Full Length Blade, Tail Rotor Includes: Aircraft Logs, Original Build Manuals, Engine Manual, Factory Build Instruction Videos, Receiver hitch towing system. No damage, All Air Worthiness Directives (Mandatory and Advisory) incorporated and Ready-to-fly. 144 Hours TT . Completed in 2007, hangered in Arizona until recently.

$39,500, Call Homer.

Scorpion 145, Elastomeric rotor system, Asymmetrical blades, instrument panel from Cessna 150.  $14,000 OBO, Call Homer.

2003 Exec 162F, Total time 295.0, Engine time 95.0

Upgrades: VPS Engine dyno tested at 177 HP, New factory Cog belt system installed by Mark Peterson, VPS Extended Skids w/ stainless steel skid shoes, Al B. Backside Idler, Al B. T/R slider and bushings, Concorde Battery, Stainless steel pitot tube, Oil cooler installed in fan shroud, Upgraded Digital Dual Tachometer, King KLX-135A GPS/Com w/ remote tuning on cyclic, King KT-76A transponder w/ alt. encoder- currently certified, And Ident button on cyclic, Intercom system, Halon fire extinguisher, ELT, Homer Bell throttle friction

$55,000 OBO   Call Homer

Jet_X project with complete late model Exec 162F frame and body, has extra engine, both engines built up by Joe Bedo and are basically “0” time engines. This is an excellent place to start if your looking to build a Jet-X. 

Call Homer soon on this one. $55,000  (Save $$ by reselling extra engine and additional 162 equipment to Homer) SALE PENDING

July 1994 Exec 90 kit
One of the last Exec 90’s before the 162F was produced
120 hours total time, 100 hour inspection completed May 2012.
Last condition inspection May 2012.
All hoses and belts except cog belt replaced 2011
New battery 2011
New Elastomeric bearings 2012.
Spurling Cog belt system
Jack Kane secondary
Al B’s idler to prevent main belt slap against frame
Conventional RW manual clutch system
Andrew Burr extended skids
Ceramic coated exhaust manifold
162F muffler system
Towing dolly
Doors included but not made
N number will be removed for own personal future use
The helicopter will NOT have a current condition inspection

$47,000 or First Reasonable Offer.  Call Homer.


ROTORWAY TALON: ICom A210 Radio, King KT-78A Transponder, Enigma Glass Panel with internal GPS, All 100 Hr inspection and maintenance items complete, Helipac, Tow Dolly, Dynamic balancer, 112 hours TTAF  $79,500, REDUCED!!!! Call Homer.


Helicycle: 81.3 hours, XCOM760 radio with MP3 (iPod) input, Microair Transponder with encoder, EI Fuel Flow computer, Dual Tach (rotorway type) Garmin 296, Fully upholstered and carpeted interior, Moroso MR Trans cooler, PC925 battery AH1-W Cobra cyclic grip (real deal, dual trigger, “209” part numbered). 

$78k, Call Homer 

NO LONGER FOR SALE...Scorpion 162F, A real bargain for anyone looking for an updated Scorpion.  This ship had many of the components that a new Rotorway machine would have.  It was really an EXEC with a Scorpion frame.  For those not paying attention, you missed a good one.


2006 Exec 90, 45 hrs TT.  $28,000 EUROS.

 Early 80’s EXEC kit partially finished, with elastomeric main shaft system and 152 engine

$15,500, Call Homer SOLD

Here’s your opportunity to get into helicopters for little money!

1978 Scorpion133 Stock machine as it was in that year. Basic instruments. Flies well for the old hub design as you can see. I taught myself to fly in a machine very similar to this one. Mine had the old boat motor for power. This has the newer factory engine with a little more power. Also has the 3rd generation secondary drive shaft. Excellent machine to start out with and then upgrade to later components after you put a few hours on this as it is. First offer over $12,000 gets it. Homer SOLD

Exec 90, 157 hrs. Chain drive with a 30MM secondary, Icom radio, blades and elastomeric bearings are approx two years old,  painted and balanced by Mark Peterson. All the fuses on the overhead panel have been replaced with circuit breakers. Recently installed an Exec162F radiator and more modern oil cooler. It has exterior nav lighting including two beacons.   $30,000. SOLD

JET EXEC FOR SALE: Had tailrotor strike but have all parts to repair it, including new main rotor and tailrotor blades, new heavy duty tailboom assembly, new windscreen, and new main shaft.  Engine built by Joe Bedo, and a spare engine available, also by Joe.  Merely reassemble and have your own JET EXEC!  A bargain-basement deal.  REDUCED PRICE: $47k without the spare engine! 

Rotorway Exec 162F built April, 1999, by Homer Bell and the original owner. Total time: 156 hours. Radios: Garmin SL 40 and GTX 320A transponder with mode C. ProDrive secondary shaft upgrade and cog belt. Ground handling towing dolly. Extra filters.  $41,000, Call Homer.  SELLER SAYS IT NEEDS TO GO - - REDUCED TO $36,000!  SOLD

Exec 162F, 2000 kit, original owner, kept in temp controlled building.
FAA airworthiness in 2012, 60 hours since new.  All new belts, hoses and elastomeric bearings, 35mm Secondary w/ factory Cog Drive, Hydraulic main clutch, electric water pump.  Pilot seat is lowered to accommodate a taller person, Doors, building manuals, drawings and maintenance videos and records are included, Electric water pump and all the upgrades.

$55,000, Call Homer.SOLD

Exec 162F, 115.6 TT, kept in temp controlled hangar, well equipped with the Garmin XL250 and Garmin Transponder, long skids and reversed legs, reinforced tail cone, new belts and current inspection. All RotoWay inspections have been completed. Original drawings, videos and manuals included.

$42,000, Call Homer.


Small Project to complete:

Asymmetrical rotor system.  M/R blade rivet mod is complete. 50% fiberglass mod completed (instead of the wooden blocks),

Cyclic mod 90% complete - remaining are included; 6 inch frame extension 50% complete.  Comes with the John Spurling electric clutch & TWO 152 engines, twin carbs – the installed one has 17 ground run hours on it.

Included are two FAR superior ground handling wheels, documentation/drawings. 

$10,000, Call Homer.  SOLD

Exec90 Rollover: 87 hrs ship and engine, Behuncik cog belt system, valcom 720 radio, no damage to tailrotor or stabilizer.  $14,000, Call Homer.  SOLD

ROTORWAY EXEC 162F  N133DR, built by the original owner and Homer Bell in 1995.  In 2005, machine was disassembled and some improvements were installed, including the Behunick belt drive system, checked all specifications, reassembled and test flown  by Homer.  Has been stored indoors in a heated garage.  Several additional upgrades made since 2005: VAL COM 760 TSO VHF Communications Transceiver, Antenna for Transceiver, Garmin GTX Model C Digital Transponder, new battery in 2010, Fluid Ballast system.  Doors and Lights included but not yet installed.  $35,000, Call Homer.  SOLD
Also available at an additional cost: closed Silver Eagle Trailer capable of carrying the ship without disassembly.

$15,000, This one is in my shop.  Scorpion 152 with elastomeric rotor system, asymmetrical blades, and heavy duty chain.  The machine was updated in 2000, and flew approx 90 hrs before being sold.  New owner tore it down before passing away, and thus it has sat for ~10 yrs.  It needs new belts and hoses, and some general clean up, but with the aforementioned upgrades, it will fly great...just a little slower than the Exec. 

If I rebuild and repaint, asking $25,000.  A fantastic opportunity to get into rotorcraft in an inexpensive way with a little work and very little cash.  Homer  SOLD

 Complete 2002 Exec162F, almost all still in the boxes. Body is just sitting on the frame.   Stored in climate controlled  room.  $34,000, Call Homer.   SOLD

Newly built Jet-X just finished.  Over $130K invested.  To many aircraft, must sell something.  Asking $115,000 for helicopter, enclosed 30 ft trailer for $8,500.  Call Homer SOLD

1994 Oshkosh Grand Champion - Very well Built Exec 90 with many added features, $32,000, Call Homer.  REDUCED!  SOLD

Exec 162F for sale, 2007 with 320 hours. Nice ship built by Mark Peterson. Belt driven with hydraulic tensioner, hydraulic clutch, radio and transponder, landing lights, strobes.  Owner needs hangar space for plane.  $47,000, Call Homer.  SOLD

2002 Exec 162F with radios and transponder.  Completed and started, then taken apart to be shipped back to states.  $30,000, call Homer. SOLD

1995 Exec90. 291 hrs, new battery, luggage pod, new drive chain, new RPM gauge, new skids, NEW SET OF LOTUS FLOATS valued at $6,000, new windscreen, covers for all major components, $38,995.  Call Homer.  REDUCED AGAIN!  SOLD

1987 Exec 152, Still in Boxes.  $14,000.  Call Homer for details.  SOLD

Scorpion, 180 hours. Factory welded frame, all new belts in the last year.  1-3/4" elastomeric rotor system (same as on talon), Newer elastomeric bearings, Asymmetrical factory MR blades, RW-152 engine, Saturn pointless ignition system, Current TR blades, IC-A6 hand held radio with flightcom intercom and sigtronic headsets, Strobe and Nav lights, 30mm secondary with chain drive (no chain bath leaks), Professionally Tig welded frame.

FINAL REDUCTION - MUST SELL: $18,000 (price includes trailer) Call Homer.  SOLD

2009 Rotorway Talon, 35 hours.  Next Generation FADEC, Cog Belt Drive with Hydraulic Tensioner, Glass Cockpit, Wider, Higher Landing Gear,  External Battery Connection;  Inertia Seat Belts, Reinforced Tail Boom with Cherry Max Rivets, Low RPM Warning System, Leather Interior, Garmin 196 GPS, Upgraded Fly-wheel and Starter, Icom IC A210 Radio and Intercom, Infinity stick grip, LED Position lights, Dual Landing lights, comes with Helipod.  Price $81,000, Call Homer.SOLD

Another Award-winning Helicycle for sale.  Kit number 2-16, AW Cert March 2004.  130 TT, GPSIII built into panel, FS450 fuel flow meter, dual tachometer, aux tank.  All associated special tools and spare parts included.  Chrome exhaust pipe included but not installed.

$59,900 includes trailer.

Call Homer.  SOLD

Helicycle, $67k, Call Homer.  Enclosed trailer with 8' door available for additional fee.SOLD

Group 4 Helicycle kit, Minimal work completed.  Airframe and Landing Gear Powder Coated, Auxillary 5 gal. Fuel Tank, Half Doors, Ground Handling Wheels, Throttle and Collective Friction, Fully Welded Controls, Seat Upholstery, Oil Temperature Gauge and Sensor, Complete Set of Construction DVD's & Manuals, T-62 Solar Turbine Engine in Original Crate, Main Rotors in Original Crate.

$39k, Call Homer.  Trailer available at additional cost. SOLD

Group 4 Helicycle with ~35 hours on it.  Has an Xcom radio and a Micro Air Transponder with a blind encoding altimeter.   Engine has some issues.  Owner has medical issues and has  REDUCED PRICE FOR QUICK SALE: $58k  $40,000, Call Homer for details.SOLD

Group 4 Helicycle kit, 10% of work has been completed.  Owner selling due to medical issues.  Transporting the machine to a new owner is always a possibility for Homer as required.  Selling cheaper than purchasing new, $38k. Call Homer.SOLD

2003 Exec 162F kit, Some work completed.  ACIS Engine, Pro-Drive Cog Belt, Radio & Transponder, Light Package.  Windscreen needs to be replaced, thus priced for a quick sale.  $28k OBO, Call Homer.


Very nice 10 year old Rotorway Exec 162 with 190 hrs.  Includes Cog drive, EZ clutch, trailer, and radios.  $38k, Call Homer SOLD

 2002 Exec 162F, Very Low Hours.  REDUCED $41,500, Call Homer.  SOLD

Group 2 BJ Schramm checked-out Helicycle for sale.  20 Hrs TT, Aux tank, MicroAir VHF, Always stored indoors.  Excellent Condition and Paint Quality. 

$49.9k, Call Homer.  SOLD

Early 2000s model Exec 162F, may need engine work, $31k...Call Homer. SOLD

ESTATE SALE: Early model Exec with Extra Parts.  $20k, Call Homer.

Additionally, Rotorway Exec Trailer for sale: $10k. SOLD

Group 5 Helicycle For Sale
Frame is powder coated gray, factory ground wheels, collective and throttle friction.
It has the auxiliary fuel tank, the factory balance tail rotor, half doors are complete.
It has a factory gray cloth seat cover, an Infinity cyclic grip, and Davis seat belts.
It has fly wheels, controls are complete and painted, fuel system is complete with racor 120AS Filter, cabin is complete but not painted, transmission and drive shaft and tail rotor is mounted but not painted.   ...more work completed...

$42k, Call Homer.  PRICE REDUCED!   SOLD

Group 3 Helicycle, still in boxes.  $39,000...Call Homer.  SOLD

Complete Group 5 Helicycle kit.  Some options.  $40k, Call Homer.   SOLD

HELICYCLE KIT Complete Group 5 Kit, partially built.  Much work already done.  Stored in a dry building, powered by T62 Turbine Eng, Complete FACTORY Construction on balanced tail rotor & main rotor blades. Polished landing skids, Powder coated frame & painted body.  1/2 doors, ground handling wheels, throttle & collective friction, fully welded controls, seat upholstery, powder coating, chrome tail pipe, still to be delivered: dual sensors & connectors.

$43,769...Call Homer SOLD

 2004 Exec 162F in showroom condition, 250TT, always hangered, Acis supercharger, mode c transponder,  modified seal on drive chain oil bath, does not leak one drop.  Oil breather vent hose to underside of ship, engine is as dry and clean as out side of ship.   Custom made cargo baskets (12lb each). Dodge viper red over white, with blue pearl paint job. 

$45k, Call Homer. SOLD

1995 with approximately 100 hours on it. It has the Talon landing gear on it, and has the cog belt drive.  $37,000.  Call Homer. SOLD

 Rotorway 162F, N4004J, S/N# 6797
Registration issued...  September 20, 2004, TT 134 hrs.
Pro-Drive main rotor shaft drive, EPI secondary drive shaft, Behuncheck main drive belt stabilizer and Rotorway supercharger drive belt stabilizer, No radios or ELT. Always kept in a new heated hanger.


Mid -80s Exec90 kit, majority of components included, however no engine.  Blades, Main shaft, body, frame, tailboom.  $11,000.SOLD

2002 Exec 162F, Built Doors Included, Interior finished, Factory light kit included, Transport wheels, Throttle lock, Cog belt installed, Factory chain and chain bath included with pulley Electric clutch included, not installed.  Built Cargo pod included.  Only 4.5 original hrs. All videos and construction manuals, Original engine crate, Original packing cards,  $37k.  Call Homer.  SOLD

Helicycle with less than 25 hrs,  has had tail rotor strike and landing gear damage.  ALL DAMAGED MAJOR PARTS HAVE BEEN REPLACED.  Needs minor work to finish the rebuild.  Get in the air quick with this ship.  Basic ship with no radios, but lots of new parts.  Priced to sell at 37K, call Homer.SOLD

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